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Caribbean Food

Caribbean restaurants in the UK are somewhat of a new phenomenon, although there are a few that have been around for years. They offer a great alternative to your typical city centre options such as Chinese restaurants, Mediterranean restaurants and the like, as the food is unlike any other cuisine available in England.

Caribbean restaurants offer a variety of cuisine from many of the Caribbean Islands, not just Jamaica, so expect to find on the menu food enjoyed in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, St Vincent, Antigua and many more.

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Caribbean Restaurants - Flavours to Savour

If you had to sum up the cuisine served in Caribbean restaurants in the UK you would have a very difficult job on your hands as it blends together the many cultures that have had an impact on the islands. When you take a look at the menu in a Caribbean restaurant you'll find influences from Africa, Denmark, Portugal, India, China, Spain, France and Britain, in both the foods on offer and how they're cooked.

Caribbean cuisine itself centers around local ingredients like fish, chicken, vegetables and tropical fruit. These are then flavoured with coconut, curry powder, garlic, scotch bonnet peppers, bay leaves, skellion to name but a few of the popular seasonings.

As you can imagine with peppers and curry powder some of the food can be quite hot, but this is by no means true of every Caribbean dish so if you can't handle the heat, you don't need to stay out of the Caribbean restaurant! In fact, in a Caribbean restaurant there's something to suit every palate.

Caribbean Restaurants - First Visit Food

If you've never tried Caribbean food before then your tastebuds are in for a surprise at your first visit to a Caribbean restaurant. Why not try something light to start with like a sweet potato and coconut soup, then if you're feeling adventurous go for jerk chicken as a main course or the curry goat and rice.

Alternatively if you're not quite feeling brave enough to take the plunge, why not pop along to your local Caribbean takeaway at lunchtime and try a patty, the Caribbean version of Cornish pasty.

Get a Feel For Caribbean Cuisine

Most Caribbean restaurants in the UK will try and evoke something of sun drenched islands from where the cuisine originates, but some will go much further than others. Take-aways and smaller establishments tend to be brightly coloured with reggae music playing loudly, however the larger more restaurant style Caribbean eateries tend to offer a typically relaxed and friendly environment in which to enjoy your Caribbean cuisine.

Find Caribbean Food in the UK

Caribbean restaurants are popping up all over the UK and you can use our search to find one near you. However if you live in London you may want to consider Cottons Restaurant, NW1, or Mango Room in Camden. Away from England's capital you could try Birmingham's XE restaurant, Cardiff's Caribbean Restaurant & takeaway or Caribbean Cove in Bangor.

Things to look out for at Caribbean restaurants in the UK If you are familiar with Caribbean restaurants in the UK and what they have to offer, why not take a culinary tour of the islands by sampling some of the national dishes. Below are some national dishes you may be interested in:

Antigua - Duckanoo & Saltfish

Barbados - Coo Coo & Flying Fish

St Vincent - Buljol & Roast Breadfruit

Puerto Rico - Arroz Con Pollo (chicken & rice)

Jamaica - Ackee & Saltfish

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