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Lebanese Restaurants

Where do you take the restaurant enthusiast who thinks they have tried all that UK restaurants have to offer? To a Lebanese restaurant for an exciting combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours.

Lebanon borders the Mediterranean Sea and can be found in the Middle East between Israel and Syria. This location is what gives the food its unique flavour and may explain its increasing popularity in the UK.

Lebanese Restaurants - Flavours to Savour

As you browse through the menu at a Lebanese restaurant you'll find that most of the dishes contain the same ingredients but flavoured differently. Yoghurt, chickpeas, nuts, sesame, cheese and auberines all feature strongly on the menu as does lamb, the preferred meat in Lebanese cuisine.

The different flavours come from the blends of herbs used and although you should find the food flavoursome you won't find it spicy.

Lebanese Restaurants - First Visit Food

Well of course the best way to sample a range of flavours in a Lebanese restaurant is to start your meal with mezze. The mezze is usually served as a starter and consists of a range of small dishes similar to Spanish Tapas. If you were eating in Lebanon then you would usually choose 10-20 of your favourites however for special occasions or banquets it is not unheard of to order 40 or 50 dishes.

If you are unfamiliar with Lebanese cuisine then trying a good variety of mezze is a great way to sample the range of flavours. Mezze favourites include:

warak'inab - stuffed vine leaves
kafta meshwiyye - minced lamb mixed with finely chopped onion & parsley
sheesh kebab
moutabel - baked aubergine with sesame oil, lemon juice and a touch of garlic
fattoush - Mixed fresh salad with herbs and toasted Lebanese bread
qray des - Prawn cocktail with lettuce and mayonnaise

Get a Feel For Lebanese Cuisine

For those restaurants trying to evoke a sense of the traditional, you can expect to find a very Middle Eastern feel to the décor with carved wood furniture, mosaic patterns on the floor or on the walls, and Arabic music to accompany your dining. No matter how far towards the traditional the restaurant decoration is, you'll find a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for a group of friends who love conversation.

Find Lebanese Food in the UK

You can use our searches to find Lebanese restaurants near you, however here are a few suggests for Lebanese restaurants in England:

Cedar Tree Restaurant, Manchester
• Mina Lebanese Restaurant, Cardiff
• Al-Salam Lebanese restaurant, Oxford
• Fakhreldine, London
• Al Fawar Lebanese Restaurant, London
• Sands, Bristol
• Marquee Lounge Bar and Eating Rooms, Liverpool

Things to look out for at Lebanese restaurants in the UK Look out for Lebanese restaurants that offer you the complete Lebanese experience with Lebanese drinks as well as Lebanese food. Look for places where you can try the interesting but widely admired Chateau Musar wine and the Lebanese Arak, considered to be one of the best forms of this spirit and can sell for more than malt whiskey in Lebanon.

Alternatively, those who don't want to drink alcohol can try Lebanese coffee. When you order Lebanese coffee from a Lebanese restaurant expect to get a very strong, thick cup of coffee possibly flavoured with cardamom.

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