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Mexican Restaurants

If you like spicy food then you'll love Mexican cuisine because most dishes in a Mexican restaurant are packed to bursting with spices and chillies. Mexican food is said to be one of the richest and most varied cuisine in the world, and it is now hugely popular in the UK.

Mexican Restaurants - Flavours to Savour

To really appreciate the flavours of Mexican cuisine you need to be a fan of chillies, as this hot and spicy ingredient is a fundamental part of most Mexican dishes. Classic Mexican dishes such as burritos, chilli con carne, salsa and nachos all have a helping of chillies, while favourites such as fajitas, enchiladas and guacamole are also made with rich spices and ingredients.

As well as traditional Mexican dishes, many restaurants in the UK offer Tex-Mex cuisine, which has become popular across the world, and is basically a combination of Mexican and Texan food. As far as drinks are concerned Mexico is famous for ice-sherbets, fruit drinks, and, of course, tequila, which is distilled from cactus juice.

Mexican Restaurants - First Visit Food

If you are heading to a Mexican restaurant for the first time then make sure you sample a range of dishes to get a real taste for the cuisine. Why not start with chicken nachos smothered with guacamole, jalapeno chillies, sour cream and salsa?

You could follow your starter with fajitas (with spicy chicken, beef, duck or king prawns) or chilli con carne and Mexican corn. For dessert try an ice-sherbet or ice cream and wash it all down with a tequila sunrise cocktail or even just shot of tequila!

Get a feel for Mexican restaurants

Most Mexican restaurants feature authentic Mexican décor and attractions, which means lively Mexican and Latin American music, Mexican flags and pictures, and maybe even waiters wearing traditional Mexican attire.

Find Mexican food in the UK

Chiquito, nationwide - A Mexican themed restaurant, usually located on a leisure park on the outskirts of a city, Chiquito's attracts a mix of families, couples, teenagers and large parties. The restaurant serves a range of Mexican cuisine, including sizzling fajitas, as well as a range of cocktails and tequila shots.

Things to look out for at Mexican restaurants in the UK

There are a few things to look out for, or bear in mind, when you are planning a trip to a Mexican restaurant in the UK. The first thing is that some of the dishes are very hot and spicy so if you do not like very spicy food, ask the waiter to advise you on the milder dishes on the menu.

Also, if you really want to get into the Mexican lifestyle then you should head to the restaurant between two and four in the afternoon and enjoy a grand feast before heading home for that traditional siesta.

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