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The UK boasts a wealth of restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine, from Singaporean delicacies to English tearoom delights. So whatever type of food you're hankering after you're sure to find it somewhere in the UK. Over the years immigrants have managed to change the culinary landscape of Britain, infusing it with exotic flavours and foods that can transform the everyday activity of eating into a tantalising taste-fest. Most city centre restaurants will offer a variety of cuisine spanning the four corners of the globe, but you should also find restaurants serving up the best of the local cuisine as well. In this section you'll discover more about some of the UK's more obscure restaurant offerings.

Other Restaurants - Flavours to Savour

The flavours you can savour in UK restaurants these days includes, African cuisine, Persian cuisine, Scandinavian cuisine, Belgian cuisine, Polish cuisine, Korean cuisine, Hungarian cuisine and Irish cuisine to name but a few.

However if you can't decide what to go for why not head to one of the fusion restaurants that are popping up around Britain. These fusion restaurants are also known as ‘modern eclectic' and ‘model global', and their menus feature spices, foods and other culinary quirks from the world's cultural cookbooks. These types of restaurants are ideal for groups of people as there's usually something for everyone.

Other Restaurants - First Visit Food

If you're visiting a UK restaurant that offers a specific type of food for the first time then the best thing to do is to get your waiter/waitress on side. As well as taking your order, waiters/waitresses are there to guide you through your culinary experience by suggesting dishes you may like, and bringing your attention to some of the menu's hidden gems.

Get a Feel For Other Cuisine

In terms of décor and ambience in the UK's restaurants expect nothing except a warm welcome, as this is the only thing the diverse range of UK restaurants is likely to have in common. Many UK restaurants will attempt to evoke something of the country from which the cuisine originates, while others will go for clean lines as part of a modern, minimalist look, either way you can expect the décor to compliment the ambience in an attempt to create a look and feel that only goes to enhance the food.

Find Other Food in the UK

Whether you're seeking an African eatery, a fusion food hall or a Vietnamese eating venue, check out our restaurant listings to see what restaurants and cuisines are near you.

Things to look out for at other restaurants in the UK They say that variety is the spice of life, so whether it is your first time at a particular restaurant or your fiftieth always take the time to look at the specials board. Restaurants use the specials board to let customers know about the latest dishes they've been working on, whether its meals created from seasonal ingredients or meals created just to spice up the restaurant's menu, either way the special's board is your key to something different.

It is also worth noting that the special's board in a restaurant isn't just for main meals, desserts can also feature as well, in fact if you are very familiar with a restaurant's existing menu then you may just like to order all your courses from the specials board as a change.

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