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Seafood Restaurants

Britain's island positioning means that nowhere in the UK is further than 70 miles from the coast, and so fresh sea sourced culinary options can be obtained by restaurants across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In fact many restaurants, both seafood restaurants and non-seafood restaurants offer seafood on the menu. However seafood restaurants in the UK are where you can celebrate seafood and indulge your passion for poisson by enjoying a whole meal by without any interruptions from chicken, lamb or red meat.

Seafood Restaurants - Flavours to Savour

At the UK's seafood restaurants you'll find plenty more flavours on offer than just salt, pepper, lemon and tartar sauce. Fish and seafood are very versatile when it comes to serving them as a meal and at seafood restaurants around the country you can expect to find creative seafood dishes that borrow flavours from around the world.

Seafood Restaurants - First Visit Food

There are over 100 varieties of fish available in the UK so if you do have the chance to go to a seafood restaurant why not take the opportunity to try something different. Many seafood restaurants across the UK offer a seafood platter, which includes a variety of fish and seafood that's in season. Served hot or cold this is ideal for people who are new to seafood.

Alternatively, you could order some classic fish dishes which you should find in most seafood restaurants for example a smoked salmon starter with scallops for the main course, or for the more adventurous, a calamari starter and red snapper as a main course.

Get a Feel For Seafood Cuisine

Seafood restaurants in the UK don't have a generic style that helps to identify them by décor alone. Many adopt a nautical theme to match the cuisine on offer, but more often than not you can expect a modern, clean eating environment. Many seafood restaurants offer a relaxed place to eat, and while they could not all be classed as posh they do tend to have an air of sophistication.

Find Seafood Food in the UK

Rick Stein is one of the UK's top seafood chefs, and if you get the chance to visit one of his seafood restaurants in Padstow, Cornwall i.e. St Petroc's Bistro or The Seafood Restaurant then don't miss out on the opportunity to taste some of the finest seafood dishes available in the UK.

Other seafood restaurants in the UK include:

• Gamba Seafood Restaurant & Bar - Glasgow
• J Sheeky - London W1
• Two Brothers Fish - London N3
• Fisherman's Wharf - Newcastle
• Watsons Restaurant and Bar - Leicester

Things to look out for at Seafood restaurants in the UK If you fancy pushing the boat out and really making your seafood restaurant experience a memorable one, why not go to a restaurant where you can sample the delights of caviar.

Considered to be one of the best foods by discerning gourmets, caviar is basically fish eggs produced by the sturgeon. There are three main types of caviar, Beluga Caviar the most expensive because it is the most difficult to get, Osetra Caviar which is preferred by many because of its fruiter taste and Sevruga Caviar which is the least expensive of the three. So while you're in a seafood restaurant why not splash out and enjoy this top class seafood dish.

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