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Vegetarian Restaurants

Whether you're a vegetarian for religious reasons, health reasons or moral reasons, when you eat out, your ideal choice of restaurant would be a vegetarian restaurant, rather than having to choose a vegetarian option in a non vegetarian restaurant. Over the years Britain's restaurateurs have become more aware of the growing vegetarian population and are not only catering for them, but dedicating whole restaurants to vegetarian cuisine.

The number of vegetarians and vegans has increased forty fold in 55 years, and by 2005 there were around four million vegetarians in the UK. This revolution has lead many observers to suggest that vegetarian dining is the future, so the number of vegetarian restaurants will only increase in the years to come. For more about vegetarian restaurants in the UK take a look at the sections below...

Vegetarian Restaurants - Flavours to Savour

In a vegetarian restaurant you can expect to find a whole range of flavours, with a choice of vegetarian dishes from around the world being served in the majority of UK vegetarian restaurants. In fact you are unlikely to find a vegetarian restaurant in the UK that offers just one type of vegetarian cuisine, for example a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. As such you should expect to find dishes that rely heavily on vegetables flavoured with herbs, spices and vegetarian cheese.

Vegan restaurants are also an option for vegetarians. There are a few in the UK and here you can expect to find extremely creative dishes which do not use any animal products, including cheese.

Vegetarian Restaurants - First Visit Food

Simon Rimmer, a top vegetarian chef (but not a vegetarian himself) who owns a gourmet vegetarian restaurant in Manchester suggests the following three course vegetarian meal for a vegetarian restaurant first timer:

• Starter - Goats' cheese flavoured with honey, sesame seeds, chilli, fresh mango and mint sauce.
• Main - Green Thai curry with aubergines, beans and peas
• Dessert - Passion Fruit Cheesecake

Of course vegetarian restaurants have so many flavours from around the world to choose from it is unlikely you'll find exactly the same dishes at two different vegetarian restaurants, so check with the waiter/waitress for recommendations and just go with the flow.

Get a Feel For Vegetarian Cuisine

Vegetarian restaurants in the UK are probably the most diverse group of restaurants and this is reflected in the décor and ambience. Vegetarian restaurants range from trendy café style diners to gourmet vegetarian restaurants with all the sophistication of their non vegetarian equivalents.

Find Vegetarian Food in the UK

Some of the more well known vegetarian restaurants in the UK include:

• Mildreds, London
• Cranks, London
• Greens Vegetarian Restaurant, Manchester
• Demuths Vegetarian Restaurant, Bath
• Wild Ginger, Harrogate
• Hitchcocks, Hull, Yorkshire
• Black Bo's, Edinburgh
• West 13th, Glasgow

Things to look out for at Vegetarian restaurants in the UK

One thing to look out for at vegetarian restaurants is Vegetarian Week in May. Organised by the Vegetarian Society, this is the perfect time for vegetarians to venture out to restaurants, and for non-vegetarians to try some top vegetarian cuisine. During Vegetarian Week many restaurants will make a special effort with their vegetarian options, either offering discounts or Vegetarian Week specials.

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